In the era of the technological revolution septic system is being one of the effective wastewater treatment system in the rural areas, provides instant on site purification of the waste water without contaminate surroundings. We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the FRP tanks understand the septic system and to help the system we come out with a range of the FRP septic tank that is outshining in the field of the septic system for the durability and reliability it shares. This FRP septic tanks are manufactured sourcing the proven quality FRP material in line with the outlined ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and also undergoes sever testing to ensure its compliance. The offered FRP septic tanks deliver all the advantages over the concrete and metal septic tanks including, excellent corrosive resistance, resistance to microbial, resistance to temperature variation, sturdy construction, light weight, smooth internal surface and much more at comparatively lower rates than other tanks.

FRP Septic Tank Cyprus, Croatia, Czechia

Further, the implementation of the butt fusion welding technology enables accomplishing completely leak proof construction that lasts over years impeccably. The anti corrosive property of these FRP septic tanks treats the wastewater naturally by holding it in the tank for a certain period so as the solids and liquids separate. We provide this FRP septic tank in various specifications as well as bespoke specifications and both are well known for the outshining customer’s requirements considerably.

Enticing attributes of our FRP Septic Tank:

  • Highly efficient performance
  • Light weight, easy to install
  • Anti corrosive
  • High impact strength
  • Smooth internal surface
  • Leak proof construction

Note: all the relevant accessories that are essential for installation and operation are provided with these tanks. These FRP tanks can be availed in variegated shapes, including round, rectangular, square, vertical and horizontal with flat bottom or conical bottom.

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