The Omkar Composite Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in 2014 by Mr. Bharat Raj Purohit is based in Palej, Bharuch, Gujarat and owns two more manufacturing units at Dahej and Ankleshwar to meet the ever growing storage requirements of thousands of industries at the best.  It is a corresponding organization of the Om Glass Fiber Equipments, established by Mr. Ramesh Raj Purohit, indulged in manufacturing of glass fiber equipments ever since 30 years. Behind the occurring of the Omkar Composite Pvt. Ltd. is to deliver cost efficient, Eco friendly and leak free range of the FRP tanks and resolve the serious issue concerning leakage and its associated risks.

The significant experience of the both personalities in the glass fiber processing is a cornerstone of the Omkar Composite Pvt. Ltd by which the organization is producing outstanding range of the FRP tanks that is outperforming in chemical, agriculture, aquaculture, petrochemicals, Food & Beverages, Pulp & Paper and Water & waste water industries for storage. In the short period of time, the organization has gained a significant presence in India as well as Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Qatar for delivering outstanding range of FRP tanks and its associated services.


To deliver exemplary experience, be it product, service or support and hence win the heart of the consumers.


To constantly introduce innovation that improves quality of the product in every aspect and hence be the leader in the associated market.


The organization has made a notable investment in the high tech manufacturing unit and technology in order to leave no corner unturned in procuring the farthest quality range of the FRP tanks. Further, have equally focused on the laboratory, where different tests are performed on the end product in order to ensure its impact strength, durability, leak free construction and other parallel quality measures which are essential to acquire a range of the FRP tanks that can lead in the market by the power of its quality and reliability measures.


However, the entire manufacturing facility is fully automated; it cannot take the place of the employees, yes, we are grateful enough to our workforce for their zeal and earnestness towards their work. The staff we own is also experienced in the respective field and hence able to achieve the best in their respective segments, be it designing, manufacturing, quality analyzing, marketing, supplying, purchasing, logistic, etc., and that is also liable for the flourishing success of our organization.


Other than quality, the sole objective that we hold is customer satisfaction and that we achieve through paying significant attention towards on time delivery and making attempts to deliver the range of the FRP tanks at the best possible rates in the market. We believe, our efforts somehow facilitate to deliver customer satisfaction and enable us to gain their confidence not only in our product but also in service and guarantee we provide. And to reach our objectives, we constantly work on quality, be it product, service or support with the complete dedication.

 Our core focus will remain:

  • To know the customer and what they are looking for
  • To profoundly understand customer requirement
  • To make continuous improvement in the quality processes
  • To ensure the every product we develop conforms to the set international standards
  • To ensure 100% service satisfaction through prompt delivery of quality FRP range at a favorable rate
  • To work with close coordination to achieve the objectives
  • To maintain the congenial environment and develop a good relationship with every coworker

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